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Three Ways Our Bottles N’ Brushes Kiddo Artists Have Helped Me Grow


  1. Move Around.

One Sunday afternoon during a parent and me painting class I looked up from my own work to see an 11-year old boy standing in front of his canvas, arms folded, tapping the tip of his paint brush on his chin, analyzing his work. So often when I sit down to paint I stay in front of the canvas. Watching our kiddo artists during camp and afterschool programs, I have seen how they stand up, kneel on their stools, and walk around the studio to check out the work of their fellow artists. This practice is awesome, not only does it provide self-motivation, but I have seen how it can bond a group and encourage others to always be painting.

  1. Take a bow.

Our kiddos are fearless with a paintbrush. They are never afraid to make a mistake. As adults it has become so ingrained within us to let our mistakes go unacknowledged. I was surprised one afternoon to see a camper smudge her canvas with an elbow leaving a gaping hole in the shell of her sea turtle. As she turned toward me, I was expecting her to be in tears, but instead she smiled, tipped her imaginary hat and took a bow. What great humility she showed! For every mistake we make, we should all take a bow.

  1. Keep Coming Back.

One of my favorite kinds of kiddo artists over the last several years are those who keep coming back. There are always a few who are nervous about making new friends, learning to paint, creating a painting on their own. Those that keep coming back, getting involved with the other campers. Developing the self-confidence to change the colors and add a little something of their own gives me something to look forward to as an instructor. Seeing a progression in their abilities is truly rewarding and why I keep coming back!

Do you have an experience with a kiddo Artist you’d like to share? Please let us know! We would love to hear from you! Comment below, or email

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