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7 Reason’s Bottles ‘N Brushes Rocked Flower Town!

Flower Town pic 1It’s your favorite intern here – Molly!

I would love to thank all of you Bottle-Heads for coming out and supporting Bottles ‘n Brushes over the Flower Town weekend.

Because of you, it was a huge success; so here are 7 reasons why Bottles ‘n Brushes rocked Flower Town!

  1. We received so much support from the local community.
  2. Over a hundred of our artist’s paintings were sold throughout the weekend.
  3. Kiddo’s were taught to paint step-by-step for the upcoming Easter Holiday.
  4. Children who came to our tent left with their own Mini-Masterpiece – a bunny!
  5. Many parents and children learned about the Summer Art Camp offered for Kiddo’s.
  6. We were able to let the Summerville community see our mobile Brush Bus in action!
  7. Last but not least… Bottles ‘n Brushes became even more involved with the Summerville community.

So there you have it, 7 reasons why Flower Town was a huge success for Bottles ‘n Brushes! If you’re interested in learning more information about the business, check out webpage at or find us on Facebook.


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